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Hi all,

here’s a mug shot of “The Boys” down at Eveleigh market last weekend, as Greg pointed out we were all together in one place for a change.

And one below of yours truly on the stall with customers a little later

 Eveleigh Store (2 of 1) (2)

This week SMH Good Food featured edible weeds and just to show that we start trends,  a quick reminder that we have been picking and selling weeds for years,  so here are some pics of our own.

First of all Josh who has taken over from me as the “main man”as far as identification and picking is concerned.


IMG_2408   IMG_3670

Each week we walk through our ‘fallow’ land where the weeds are growing, apart from creating ‘Horta’ they keep the soil covered and maintain biodiversity for predator insects and in the soil itself.

Once picked and washed it looks great, ready to be bagged


and this is how you see it on the stall the next day

 591 (2)

Here are some pics so you can put names to weeds and as the SMH article suggests go and pick some your self. Below is chickweed and nasturtium.

IMG_3844       IMG_3851

sheep sorrel                                         marsh mallow

IMG_3848     IMG_3854

two of milk or sow thistle

IMG_2746    IMG_3865

a few they missed (but we don’t) Wood Sorrel,Plantain and Vetch

IMG_3870    IMG_3868

We supply weeds to Bentley Restaurant and Bondi Icebergs and in the past have supplied Kylie Kwong and Tetsuyas to name drop a few.

But we also supply YOU if you come to Taylor Sq. or Eveleigh on Saturday mornings, AND this Sunday at Mangrove Mountain, corner of Waratah rd and Wisemans Ferry Rd. So if you’d like a trip in some beautiful countryside come and see us there on Sunday morning lots of great produce on all our stalls this weekend.