sorry I missed last week but we have exiting new for all those hanging out for the winter weeds with the return of nettles and chickweed.

Much sort after by Sydney’s leading chefs you can get the 1st pick of the year. they are a real health food with lots of iron, silica and antioxidants. Remember to handle with care but after 30 seconds in boiling water all the sting is gone and you can treat them like a spinach or any green and use as a filling or mixed in risotto or with pasta.

All the other good stuff still going strong, red caps, Swiss Brown mushrooms. tomatoes and cucumbers all available but they won’t last long so get them before season ends. The mandarins are even better this week so grab some for the lunch box.

For those of you who remember Lee (and how could you forget) Ruth has had little girl and mother and babe doing well.