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Hi all,

Not being as competent as Nancy doing the blog AND pictures, there are only a couple today. A nice ‘team champion’ pic of everyone back in the shed after picking. (although Claire wanted to hold her favourite, Boris) the only picking photo I could make work is of Claire picking rocket!


Next to the team pic is a close up  the silver hill Mandarins. They are delicious and “walked out” last Saturday at both markets; we have more but don’t be late and miss out.

We will have plenty of rocket and baby spinach and super healthy kale, Russian, Scotch and Tuscan both as bunches and washed in bags ready to make kale chips or drop into a delicious and healthy smoothie.

Saturday looks like a bright relatively warm autumn day and we can cover all your meals from salads to pumpkins for a hearty soup when the chill returns.

For those coming to Eveleigh you may have to shoulder aside the television crew of River Cottage  who are coming to the stall (and others)  for a cooking/produce demo.