Hi everyone,

I always like when we get the first frost as it means the cabbage whte caterpilars and other chewing insects pack up for the winter, some aphids are tougher and they go and hibernate in the kale but all in all the insects leave the plants to grow slowly but steadily.


The frost doesn’t damage the greens as long as we wait for the sun to do its magic and melt the ice from the leaves … then we can go to work picking for market. We have to start a bit later so everyone gets a bit more sleep time as well.


Everything is looking good so we’ll have rocket and spinach, fresh salad leaves (you can still eat salad in winter) lots of winter citrus… mandarins, navels, pink grapfruit, clementines, lemons.

The bok choi is the best we have grown for a while, so good for your warming stirfies.20170523_084741

Have a safe and healthy week … hoping to see you at Taylor Square or Carriagworks this Saturday.