Hi all,

well we have had some mellow days and a lots of days starting like this then ending like this!


I went back over the weather records and we have had 4 severe storms in 5 weeks. It’s like November!

And although as you can see in the pics below the sky is blue…. bang along comes a storm.

So we have been restricted in what we could do and spent productive time clearing around the blood orange trees. As you can see below Hannah who is 175cm tall is standing in front of weeds even taller and you can’t even see the orange trees. (and yes I should have the pics the other way round but this is me not Nancy)


So once cleared we did some Autumn Biodynamcs… putting out preparations to rest, enhance and help the soil digest and rejuvenate over winter

Mike's farm pics 006

here is the biomass we cleared from just one row between the fruit trees

20150409_083415It gets pushed up and mixed with manure..more biodynamic preps are added and then it soon becomes beautiful compost ready to feed the soil


and therefore grow lush greens and veggies that you see Josh picking in this last pic


We are at Taylor square and Eveleigh with our usual range of goodies tomatoes, leb Qs, salads, rocket and the spinach will be back but come early for that. The pumpkin has been great and selling like hot cakes so don’t miss out.

all the best