[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi all,

This should be the steadiest growing time of the year as we have hopefully left the extreme heat behind ….and we have had some rain (but not too much… unlike Sydney).

Time to plant for winter and beyond so the garlic is going in at Ed’s (now very capably run by Laura his green fingered granddaughter). We planted kale,  silverbeet, leeks and hopefully a new lot of spinach which will be okay (baby spinach and hot weather do NOT mix).

The end of summer produce is great;  corn, sweet potatoes (come early they went fast last week), zucchini and pumpkin;  could be the last of the tomatoes and Eggplant tho’.

Don’t forget the Peat’s Ridge market on this Sunday come for a drive in the country whether you live on the coast or in Sydney. the weather forecast is good so come and have a great day out.

Other wise see me at Carrigeworks or Josh and Serkan at Taylor Sq. on Saturday

enjoy your Easter