Hello Everyone

We are back at Carriage Works (but no Taylor Square) market but with limited stock in some lines. The salad crops grown with the new shading are not ready yet. As I said to Michael, salad is hardly a native Australian crop that copes with this climate! He is working hard to find different varieties of seed, especially in baby spinach, that can manage this sort of summer weather.

I wish the political climate-deniers could be out in the paddock all day!

There will be chard, kale and rocket and maybe one or two lettuce. He’s hunting around in the paddock!

2017-02-03 08.49.56                                   IMG_20151028_102721994                                           2016-01-07 10.55.39

Zucchini are OK as their leaves cope better & shade the zucchini. There’s citrus, corn, bok choi, diakon (a huge, chinese, white radish), cherry tomatoes, figs & watermelon.

Come early and get the best choice!

Have a healthy week and keep well!