Hello Everyone

Lots of pumpkins for sale this weekend. Jap, Queensland blue and butternut all ready to go to Eveleigh & Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning and Mangrove Mountain Country Market on Sunday at Peats Ridge Public School.

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This weekend there’ll be plenty of rocket and it’s nice and spicy (ask Greg!) and the lettuce is very good. Horta is rich and diverse.  Scotch kale, red scotch kale and cavelo nero are abundant. Beetroot and rhubarb, so get your mind thinking of autumnal meals. What about beetroot soup or rhubarb crumble?

Egganic eggs and Ed’s eggs will be at market of course.


Plenty of cucumbers and eggplant with zucchini and tomatoes with plenty of basil, so ratatouille perhaps?

The sweet corn is ready so look out for it! Tuckaflora Swiss brown mushrooms will be on sale.

On the fruit front there’s limes and a few meyer lemons and lots of persimmons, the ones you eat when very ripe and you need a teaspoon!


Usual busy week with new seedlings arrived, beds made ready and planting underway. Everything has settled into this autumnal weather. Hope you are enjoying it too.

Have a happy & healthy week!