Hello Everyone

Big clear up this week as the RFS is kindly doing a big hazard reduction for us on Sunday. We have had no fire through this 44 acres in the 28 years we’ve been here & we suspect for many years before that. Its been dangerous each summer for years with the shoulder-height build up of fallen dead bush. The burn will allow regeneration as the fire heat will allow native seeds to open and grow.

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Welcome to Caroline from Germany who has joined us as an intern for several months. She has completed her agricultural sciences degree in Germany and now she is here for practical experience.

Steve is the hooded hider working hard next to her!

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All the usual fresh produce will be at Carriageworks market (formally named Eveleigh) and Taylor Square market on Saturday.

In citrus there’s pink grapefruit, navels, clementines, Emperor mandarins, tangelos, and blood oranges. Blood orange juice too! Michael remembers when we were in Italy in 2008 for Terra Madre (Slow Food Conference) we got offered the choice of blood orange juice or orange juice at the cafes & hotels!

2015-08-06 08.57.36 IMG_20150730_083722279_HDR IMG_20150806_110222478                                    IMG_20150806_110359593_HDR

Mushrooms will be at Taylor Square only.

In the brassica family (my favourite at this time of the year) you can buy small cauliflowers, broccoli shoots, broccolini (sweeter than the shoots), cabbage, and chinese cabbage.

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For salads there is spinach, both rockets, mini cos and fancy lettuce. You can buy mizuna & mustards in bunches, always a delight to the tongue in these colder months. Horta weed mix, spicy salad & mesclun are bagged & ready to eat.

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Shelling peas & snow peas will sell fast so be early so as not to be disappointed.

Have a great week, eat well, play well and laugh well!