Hi everyone,

not much to report except that we have been belted by more rain as the tail of cyclone Debbie reeks havoc.

Nothing washed away as I have put in place erosion mitigation measures which i leared to do after the 2007 storms (remember the Pasha Bulka washed up on Newcastle beach).

All this rain doesn’t do the greens any good so it basics for them this week … be early if you want stuff.

BUT on the positive side all the fruiting veg is good and that includes pumpkins and beans (snake and purple)

The feijoas are still there with the normal gauvas and persimmons. we found some hidden eggplant in the weeds and they look good and my neighbour Bill has some great Leb cucumbers and red capsicum from his poly tunnel. So its worth a visit to the markets and they say the rain will clear by Saturday;  so keep us in business by getting some nice healthy food and bring your friends too!