Summer has come on very fast this year, and a lot of things are going straight to seed. Last week in particular, our cold winter days mixed with hot summer temperatures made a lot of our winter vegies – bok choi, lettuce and cime di rapa for instance – very unhappy.

Other winter veg that are ending soon are our nettles and Cavalo Nero kale, as they are going to seed as well. You’ll see some of the kale on our stall already have young heads growing, but if anything they are even more delicious. One of our customers said it was just like broccolini – tender and tasty.

The good news is that soon we’ll be able to start on our summer crops – zucchini and lots of tomatoes amongst other things will be planted soon and will be ready later in the year. Michael’s delicious cherry tomatoes have made it through winter and will be replanted to last us all year round.