Hello Everyone

Best time for local Mangrove Mountain citrus. Make the most of it at its glorious best! Focus on citrus this week.

DSC_0759                                            DSC_0758

The range includes Navel oranges, Silver Hill mandarins, clementine mandarins, Meyer lemons, Eureka lemons, pink and white grapefruit, red CaraCara navels, lemonade fruit and limes.


The photos don’t really do them justice as they are ready in the dark coolroom to go to market at 4.30 am tomorrow morning!  Carriage Works or Taylor Square markets Saturday morning early.

Sevilles and blood oranges are only about 4 weeks away providing the weather stays reasonable. So get your marmalade gear out those of you who make wonderful marmalade!

Of course all the luscious leafy and nutritious greens are just as available as last week. Keeping yourself rich in green leaves in the winter is just as important as in the summer.

DSC_0763                                              DSC_0764DSC_0765DSC_0766

Buy your Pine and Slippery Jacks mushrooms from Taylor Square. Gently butter-fried on toast or by themselves or with scrambled eggs for breakfast anyone?

Have a great week, stay well.