Hello Everyone

This has been a boiling week! Michael has been very tense trying to work out whether to put in hundreds of seedlings to be growing ready for you in 6 weeks time and then watch them frizzle up and die in the sun or keep them in trays by the shed in the shade while they grow too big for the trays and spoil!

Because Mangrove Mountain is on a plateau and inland away from coastal breezes we have much the same temperatures as Penrith in the summer. The rest of the time it’s colder!

Anyway seedlings went in Thursday morning, a blissfully cool day, hoping to get a root system established before the next heatwave starts on Tues.

This is sunburn weather. Try a cold one on a child instead of an iceblock! Or for yourself on an otherwise perfectly good tomato!

Fortunately, there is still lots of good produce. The cucumbers are ready and luscious with juice – perfect for thisweather. Try a cold one on a child instead of an iceblock! Or for yourself!

Lots of greens will be available and all the usual produce for this time of the year. You won’t be disappointed!

Have a cool week

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