Hello Everyone

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During the week the boys were taking down the old tomato trellis from the summer (not paddock tai chi as the photos suggest!), pulling up tomato stakes and taking t-tape (irrigation) out of the ground. Josh is pictured using the tractor to slash the old weeds to start the clearing for some new seedling beds after that ground has been under weed mat to help the die-back.

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The ground is still sodden so seedling beds done before the storm which you can see the girls weeding earlier in the week are still in limbo as the earth was so compacted by the heavy rain.

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New beds made since the storms in April are now producing luscious greens with new lines back to offer you at Taylor Square and Eveleigh markets on Saturday morning. Look out for red rib spinach, new rocket both wild and wide leaf, beautiful bok choi, plenty of mustard greens and Horta mix. This week the Horta is made up mainly of vetch, plantain, clover, milk thistle, marshmallow, soft and false leafed dandelion.

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Citrus available this week is the same good range as last week, lemons, sweet Meyer lemons, pink grapefruit, lemonade fruit (forgot to mention them last week) navels, mandarins and Clementines.

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Plus we have bagged or bunched kale, mesclun mix & spicy mix salads.

There will be pine mushrooms (saffron milk cup in England) at Taylor square only (whopping, orange, delicious fungi I thought when I saw it!) The botanical name reflects their flavour -lactarius deliciosus.

Get in early to get the best.

Have a buoyant, happy week.