Hello Everyone

Lovely Australian winter weather this last week. All the produce is growing well and lovely for workers not being out picking or working with rain trickling in through cracks in the wet weather gear!

20170701_081450Michael thought this lovely customer’s hand was hovering over the salad as he was having trouble choosing. But, OH NO! He told Michael he could feel the really good vibes, a good aura coming from the organic produce…… he said our produce had the best ‘aura’ in the market.

Whether you think that’s a load of rubbish or not, there’s no question in my mind that the organic produce tastes better and does you more good because you are not ingesting traces of insect killer sprays or acidic rinsing waters used to preserve the perishable produce that is not organically produced.

This week you can buy plenty of red-ribbed spinach at Champion Organics Carriage Works or Taylor Square market stalls. The spinach is a very good strong green for your health in the winter. It is also alkaline, like most greens, for those of you who are arthritis sufferers like me.

20170701_075554    IMG_20160714_115838997   DSCF0289

This is the peak time for citrus, being winter, so get stuck in and boost your vitamin C! There’s also Sevilles for marmalade for people who prefer to make their own and know what goes into it, besides having the enjoyment of actually making it and the house smelling amazing while cooking!

All the rest of the usual fresh green produce will be on sale. Also remember to get your pumpkins for roasting or soups.

Have a good, healthy week,