HI all,

nothing new to report on produce. All the leafy greens very slow as we had more rain (surprise) and even without rain it was overcast. Today (Thursday 6th) saw a dry day at last but like RocKhampton (floooding depsite no rain) all the runoff from our 25 acres of rocky ridge continues to saturate the soil and erode the tracks. 20150422_103042

Here’s the house dam full to overflowing with Boris inspecting the run off (still flowing after  a dry day. This “creek” is dry 99% of the year.


And here just some of the track erosion.

BUT we will be at the markets on Saturday with a reasonable range and its full-on Persimmon season, so if you love these fruit which the ancient Greeks titled “food of the gods” then get your selves down and have a sticky, juicy, deliciously glorious time.




all the best