On Tuesday 7th July 2009 we were excited to pick our first Avocados for sale this season. This is about 4 weeks ahead of last year’s first pick which was in August.

Avocados from our area on the Central Coast (only 78km’s from Sydney CBD) would have to be the first locally grown Avocados to hit the Sydney Markets each season.

Usually there aren’t many local Avocados available at this time of year because Avocados only ripen after they have been picked from the tree and most of the local growers here don’t pick their crop until much later in the season when the Queensland supplies start to tail off.  So these will be some of the very first locally grown Avocados available this season and some of the few local ones available perhaps until October or even later in the year.

When are Avocados ready to be picked?

We need to ensure the Avocados have the right dry matter content to be palatable so we start picking one or two weeks before we think they may be ready and try them out. We are Avocado lovers and actually like them before they are quite ready for sale, they have a more bitter and stronger taste with a watery/rubbery consistency (not creamy) so are not generally palatable at that stage.  Once our two Labradors start helping themselves to the new season fruit we know they are just about ready!  This was the case just over a week ago and sure enough the ones we picked for our last taste test were delicious.

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