Hello Everyone

Wasn’t it a lovely day yesterday, real Australian spring weather! You can smell it in the air – well perhaps not so much in the city but certainly up here!

We still have lovely blood oranges and blood orange juice. Make sure you get to Eveleigh or Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning nice and early to get some.


DSCF4570   DSCF4608

Josh is picking wild chicory for the Horta mix. A new hard worker, Elissa, is picking red spinach in the beautiful sunshine and Michael is cutting red elk for salad.

DSCF4612   DSCF4617

Maria is cutting red spinach. Make sure you get in early for spinach too this week as with the change of seasons there is less of it till the new seedlings come through.

The bees are everywhere on all the flowers on the greens. I spent almost a fruitless hour trying to photograph the bees but they were camera shy and were so fast buzzing from flower to flower I wonder if you can spot this one, the best photo, sucking nectar from the rocket!

 DSCF4618   DSCF4621

Claire is washing chard and Yoon is washing wood sorrell this morning.

DSCF4628                     DSCF4630

AND don’t forget to buy the kale! There’s plenty and it’s really tender, juicy and not bitter. Plus of course it is really good for you. Be careful not to overcook it.

DSCF4514   DSCF4620

  Have a great weekend and happy eating healthy food!