Hello Everyone

Despite the hot, dry winds last Monday and the cold today we are going gangbusters on broad beans, snow peas and baby spinach! Make sure you get some at Eveleigh or Taylor Square markets.

IMG_2236    IMG_2284


I am loving eating the tender,young broad beans – great protein if you don’t like meat much like me.

There’s kale, chard, silverbeet and shelling peas too. Remember the Horta mix and salad varieties. Fresh endive ready to be washed & packed, tender & juicy baby spinach!


IMG_2288                              IMG_2287

There’s Dutch Cream potatoes and  don’t forget the rhubarb for the crumble afterwards. There’ll be mushrooms at Taylor Square.

Tangellos are a new line in your citrus this week .Do try them. There’s navels, blood oranges and their juice, Meyer lemons and white grapefruit. Delicious.

Happy eating!