Hello Everyone

Great week, heaps of rain on Wednesday night which always cheers the farmer!

This week we have all the usual greens but a special mention to those looking good when the workers were  up the paddock on Wednesday.

Working left to right, in the picture on the left green mustard, beetroot, green basil and dill. In the right photo rocket, celery and celtus (a cross between celery and lettuce). All these particular delicious greens will be ready very soon. Buy the ones that are ready tomorrow at Taylor Square and Eveleigh markets.

IMG_3500   IMG_3503

Here’s a stink bug on the citrus. We pick them off by hand as we obviously don’t spray killer chemicals. The bugs stink when you squash them between your fingers. The bugs really upset the citrus trees which then won’t produce such good blood oranges. Bit like humans having lice!

IMG_3506                            IMG_2809

Nothing much likes sucking parasites on them. Plenty of zucchini tomorrow.

The Great Bean Competition continues! The first have flowered and most are at the top of the trellis so the plants have had the tops nipped off so they will put their growing effort into flowering and therefore making beans. Michael has them planted at the top of the paddock where they get all day sun so they will flower well into winter and give a long productive season of beans.

IMG_3491  IMG_3489

Here’s the hard workers hard at work! Claire is bent double planting out seedlings over each little irrigation hole just under the soil. Serkan raking the bed smooth and Josh in conquering mode finished raking beds.

IMG_3495   IMG_3499

IMG_3505    IMG_3530

Today, Friday, everyone is in the shed having picked at 7.30 this morning and now packing all day. Here’s Craig bagging salad for you and Serkan getting produce quickly into the cool room so it stays as fresh as possible. Yoon, as cheerful as ever doing elk lettuce (elk as in antler looking leaves I think, correct me if I’m wrong.)

IMG_3531   IMG_3533

Have a healthy and happy weekend and next week.