Hello Everyone

The rocket is excellent and there’s plenty of it. Absolutely unbeatable fresh with your lunch in this warmer weather. So full of flavour.


IMG_2132      IMG_2131

The leaves are taken off the stalks and separately washed, then bagged up. There is plenty of salad with such a variety of types that you can suit everyone’s tastes in the family or when entertaining.

There are King Edward potatoes, silver beet, broccolini, beetroot and leeks. All good for warming evening food when it’s colder.

Have you tried the nettles? In season and so good at the moment. Lightly steamed and /or stirfried they are so nutritious, full of iron,silica, antioxidants, and serotonin.



There will be Swiss Brown mushrooms but only at Taylor Square market.

The usual citrus  will be for sale but not the pink grapefruit. There are four kinds of delicious mandarins, Emperors, Imperials, Calamondins (see picture) and Ellendales. The first two are the sweetest and the last more tangy but juiciest.


Please remember to look at Champions Mountain Organics facebook page too, if you can, as there’s more photos and information.

Cheers, Nancy.