Hello Everyone

Apologies for absence the last two weeks. We had our local Country Fair and I was frantically busy helping all Friday and then rushed home to pick the white mulberries. Last week we had no phone line or internet as a truck had snapped the Telstra line up the road! No connections for several kilometres of frantic farmers, none of us have mobile coverage here!

All is well now plus the bonus of an inch of rain here on Tuesday night. You can nearly hear the plants sucking it up!

Michael is frantically busy planting to catch up after weeks of so much time used in irrigating.

Everything looking good though. Wish we had time to grow more and better help to do it with!

IMG_2630    IMG_2620

Craig is picking mini cos lettuce and Michael is picking fat hen, chenopodium or goosefoot (look at the shape of the leaf) or lambs quarters for Kylie Kwong. It is related to quinoa, which I’m sure you’ve heard of.

IMG_2615  IMG_2596

Elias is picking kale and Josh is picking red elk mustard.

IMG_2593  IMG_2603

Yoon is picking purple kale and the lady beetles are back in droves! These two lady beetles are fairly stationary, rather preoccupied with each other! All the other photos of them are completely blurry as the run like crazy searching for food! Did you know that many spotted lady beetles eat the others?


Have a healthy eating week!