Hello Everyone

Lots of lovely greens this week despite this week going from really quite cold around Tuesday to very warm Thursday. Quite amazing for plant growing. The sun is so bright this end of the week after lots of cloudy days.

Lettuce greens, rocket, red rib spinach and many more.





IMG_20141023_100525277      IMG_20141023_100610505        IMG_20141023_111027658

IMG_20141023_111054808_HDR        IMG_20141023_111126659     IMG_20141023_111323147

Bill is growing broad beans which are delicious. Here they are on the plant.

 IMG_20141023_111448010   IMG_20141023_112050726   IMG_20141023_112132662 

Here’s  the lovely, juicy cucumbers growing on the cucumber plants. Bill grows in poly-tunnels with flyscreens to keep out some of the flying pests. The netting can be removed so bees and pollinating insects can get to the flowers. 

 IMG_20141023_112136421    IMG_20141023_112323915   IMG_20141023_112339133

Pat’s navels are ripe and fresh, ready to eat. Come to Eveleigh & Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning nice and early to get the best produce.

 IMG_20141023_112353498                IMG_20141023_112414933   IMG_20141023_112827832

Remember that this is the last weekend of the month so come up to Mangrove Mountain Country markets on Sunday to enjoy a friendly market atmosphere, gourmet foods and be surrounded by the bush.

Happy, healthy eating!