Hello Everyone

Very much the same on offer as last week. We seem to have weathered the wind and heat from yesterday. (I’m glad I wasn’t a seeding out there all day!)

In citrus we have the rare citrus bergamots for a couple more weeks or so. Fabulous for flavouring. Don’t miss out. Blood oranges have only a couple of weeks left as do sevilles as most as their season is over till next year.There are plenty of tangellos, Emperor mandarins, and Meyer lemons. Navels are at their best and there are plenty of them – a real sweet citrus I enjoy at this time of the year.


Mushrooms will be at both markets.

This is probably the last week for the shelling peas so remember to buy them. If you have children then get them to shell them with you – it’s a rare experience  for children these days!

There’s plenty of  Tuscan, Scotch and Russian kale, such a rich vegetable. Plenty of broad beans, snow peas, beetroot and baby leeks. Red rib spinach(see photo) tastes the same as baby spinach but looks more exotic if you want to wow your guests!  There’s a little broccolini so get in early.

IMG_2314    IMG_2311



Horta mix and salad mixes are in good supply and just delicious and desirable to eat  in this recent hot weather. Here’s the mesclun salad mix and parsley.

IMG_2315    IMG_2316

Happy and healthy eating,