Hello Everyone

The purple bean competition is in full swing. Beans are ‘running ‘ up the trellis wire, some going faster than others! But both rows averaging equally! Most runners have caught onto the trellis but some are flapping in the breeze & will have to be helped to cling on, bearing in mind that they grow following the sun’s path across the sky and need to be helped in the right direction or they will undo themselves, totally confused!

   IMG_3401 IMG_3398IMG_3402   IMG_3403 

The bok choy is flourishing next to the beans so remember to buy some on Saturday and do a delicious stir fry or whatever takes your fancy.

IMG_3404   IMG_3406 IMG_3409 IMG_3410

Although these pumpkins are not for sale yet, it is always a bit of a thrill when you part the leaves and there they are, hiding! Some other pumpkins are ready so make sure you get some.

IMG_3397  IMG_3394

This week as usual, preparing irrigation under the new beds for seedlings, always keeping a beady eye that no pipes have become blocked or sprung leaks. Every seeding has to be put exactly over a tiny hole in the pipe so it can get water, otherwise it dies. Under the soil watering reduces water loss and discourages weed growth.

At Taylor Square and Eveleigh markets this week there will be the usual salad and salad mixes. We have had a request for amaranth leaves separate in a bag on its own. Usually we sell it in the horta mix. If you would like a bag of it on its own (and it is delicious) please speak to Michael, Lucy, Josh or Serkan, your friendly, helpful stall holders.

We have two types of figs for you. The Adriatic are green when ripe and the Brown Turkey figs are brown when ripe. You’ll need to remember that when buying or ask the stall holders.

IMG_3428 IMG_3432

  Garlic will be on sale along with mouth watering cherry tomatoes. There’s green beans and corn.

There’s so much more to buy so come and browse on Saturday morning.

Have a happy & healthy week,