Hello Everyone

So very pleased to hear the great news that Brent Savage of Bentley restaurant has won the Sydney Morning Herald chef of the year award. He is such a lovely man, quiet and unassuming as well as being such a brilliant chef. He has promoted Champions Mountain Organics for years ever since he first found the produce on our stall in Eveleigh.

The photo and article below comes from Vogue Australia Entertaining and Travel, (May/June issue, page 13). It is about several chefs and their choice of ‘my other half’. Brent was the only one who chose his farmer/provedore!


Vogue photo michael & brent

Produce just as delicious, juicy and seasonally available as usual.

We have duck eggs this week, as Neil’s ducks are now laying again. they are rich, nutritious eggs from very healthy and pampered ducks. Michael, squinting into the sunlight, is holding the lambs lettuce he is picking!

 DSCF4605            DSCF4603 

Maria and Claire are picking rocket, Claire is a terrific intern, there hasn’t been a job she can’t do well – from tractor driving, to planting, to managing market stalls  – unflappable and capable. We’ll be sad when she goes back to France soon.


DSCF4575   DSCF4577

Kristina is picking red rib spinach and Serkan is picking baby chard.

DSCF4579                DSCF4591

Yoon is picking spinach as usual and Josh getting wild rocket having foraged for the weeds and wild plants that he has become so knowledgeable about.

DSCF4592  DSCF4596

We have another little competition type thing! Here are 2 bird nests. The bigger one is a current one and is suspended between old farmers friend stalks and THE BIRD IS IN IT, SITTING!! The other nest in Josh’s hand is an old one that blew out of a tree.

The question is : what bird made them?

DSCF4597   DSCF4598


No Cimi di Rapa this week unfortunately but blood oranges and blood orange juice in full swing and excellent mushrooms at Taylor Square of course

Have a great healthy week and a good start to Spring.