Hello Everyone,

Make sure you get to Eveleigh market tomorrow (and they won’t be at Taylor Square) as there will be green walnuts! Whole and in the shell, obviously – see picture below. A real speciality for pickling. There’s lots of recipes and Michael will have some for you at the stall.

IMG_2875  IMG_2880

Roma tomatoes will be at both market stalls although shartoots (variety of white mulberry) will only be at Taylor Square.

Lebanese cucumbers and beautiful santa rosa plums will be at both markets.

See 3 photos below for the results of that welcome rain of a few weeks ago and then the few hot days & more rain! Unwelcome livestock and damage in the form of slugs & snails & cabbage white caterpillars among others!

IMG_2850      IMG_2848


IMG_2846   IMG_2852

The salad (left) got too much heavy wet, heat, wet and heat after the dry and found it too hard to recover. However the picked bor (or red/scotch) kale on the right looks good, doesn’t it? Remember to buy some on Saturday morning

IMG_2855   IMG_2859

I found Josh among the weeds where he has found the re-sprouted rocket growing, young and tender for picking this morning.

On the right the Queensland blue pumpkin is galloping over one of the old compost heaps. It was never sown there. Seeds were just in the compost anyway. Nature designed them to survive and they love a rich soil. A newer compost is behind.

All the usual staples , like very fresh zucchini, avocados, beautiful bok choy, mustard greens ready for you to buy at both markets.

Don’t forget the duck eggs!

Happy and healthy eating