Hello Everyone

At the 11th hour we got rain again! So lush & green & weeds sky high.
The bok choi is looking really good so get into the stir fries. Here’s Serkan picking it and Claire posing with it! Could he be posing too? Serkan works so fast he is usually a blurr.

   IMG_3450   IMG_3442

And now the Great Bean Competition! First to the top for the Aussie bean. Can’t guess who’s winning, can you? BUT now onto the First Bean. Whose will it be? The plants have to flower first – a beautiful pinkish purple which is 2 weeks away.

IMG_3456              IMG_3458


This Saturday morning at Eveleigh and Taylor Square markets there will be the last few avocados of the season only through the daring climbing of a worker willing to clamber 3 metres up the trees to get the last ones at the top.

Craig unloading spinach back at the shed after the 2 hour picking that always takes place first thing to make sure everything is at its freshest.

There is plenty of both ordinary and wild rocket. Early birds will be able to get the few whole lettuce and baby spinach and there’s some Horta & salad mixes. With so much sudden and heavy rain lettuce has got very ‘sappy’. Australia is truly a land of climate extremes. Yoon is picking kale and there’s plenty of that, bagged or bunched.

IMG_3468    IMG_2775

Remember, you are what you eat. Healthy food keeps you energetic. Have a great week.