Hello Everyone

Great sunny weather this week, a bit cold at night, usually down to about 2C or 3C. Still very dry but we have great produce for you.

Kristina came to help out this Thursday as Josh is sick with flu, as Serkan was last week. She lives locally and this was the first time she’s worked for us, here picking baby spinach. Michael is holding an Italian heritage delicacy, Cimi di Rapa, much sought after by older Italians who know a lot about delicious food.

 DSCF4425  DSCF4432

Maria, below, was picking Cimi di Rapa flowers which have been ordered by Bentley Restaurant in Sydney. Claire, our hardworking French intern from Normandy is picking rocket.

DSCF4439  DSCF4440

Yoon is picking baby spinach with his usual care & precision. Jean brought her mushrooms from Tuckerflora, great quality as usual. Buy some tomorrow at Taylor Square market tomorrow.

DSCF4443  DSCF4447

Friday morning and the cool room is beginning to fill up for the weekend, citrus already in there, vegetables to come. Chris  arriving with his radishes, parsley and scotch kale.

 DSCF4448   DSCF4450

Our closest organic neighbour, Bill, arriving with his broccolini. He is unable to take it to market on a Saturday so it is good that you can get it through us at Eveleigh & Taylor Square on a Saturday morning. It’s fresh and delicious and very nutritious as of course you know!


Best wishes for a happy & healthy week from here on the farm.