Hello everyone,

Very hot day today so picking is going as quickly as possible this morning and then everything into the cool of the shed & covered in damp sheets till it is washed.

First a picture of Josh, if you don’t look at our face book page. Marvellous saving of an echidna from the Jack Russell terrier. Josh is  faster burrowing than Boris! The echidna was just behind the farm shed in the bush probably after ants!

Scotch kale in the right hand picture with leaves of purple sprouting broccoli on the left of it in with some dill.

photo 1  IMG_2698


Everyone picking fast and Michael firing out instructions so it’s all done before it gets any hotter. Probably will be 38C today. Some boxes on the ute ready to go back, Josh picking dill while Serkan ‘s picking rocket.


IMG_2693   IMG_2705


Calendula (marigold in english) ready for the mesclun mix and Michael, (65 today!) picking celtuce for the restaurants.

IMG_2708 IMG_2700

Happy and healthy eating