Hello Everyone

What a hot and dry week!

In citrus this week tomorrow is definitely the last of the blood oranges and the emperor mandarins! We kept finding a few more but that’s it now! There are plenty of tangellos and navels along with meyer and eureka lemons as usual. There are just a very few bergamots.

We have two varieties of white mulberries this week. They are beautifully sweet, don’t be fooled by their unusual pale pink or greenish white colour. They have a delicate flavour and are really interesting. If you keep the pink ones they gradually turn more purple. It is very difficult to keep the birds away from the trees!

IMG_2456     IMG_2464


There is plenty of beetroot, rainbow chard, silverbeet, tuscan,scotch and russian kale, bok choy and baby english spinach. Lots of delicious green leaves for vitality and good health, let alone the enjoyment of eating!

In lettuce we have marsh (mache in french, felt salat in german, lambs lettuce or corn salad in english!) Cultivated and wild rocket is of course available and really makes a salad or sandwich tingly to the tastebuds! Plenty of salad mixes as usual – mesclun,spicy and the Horta mix. All ready and enticing to put on the plate.

IMG_2460             IMG_2461

There’ll be mushrooms at Taylor Square as we don’t like to compete with the mushroom farmer at Eveleigh.

And how about that rhubarb? Delicious lightly stewed with a little honey and maybe served with a little cream or icecream on a hot day this coming week?

Happy eating,