Hello Everyone

During the week the usual seedling bed preparation, planting, hoeing and weeding went on. The hoeing gives the seedlings a heads start. Some other weeding usually is sufficient later as the watering is all underground just to the seedlings which holds the weeds back.

IMG_20150708_134632483    IMG_20150708_135532022   IMG_20150708_135710463  


IMG_20150708_134726805   Nice Mezuna!


Picking has to be started later because the sun needs to evaporate the frost off the salad first. The pickers hands get very cold still, I’m glad I’m on the computer!


IMG_20150709_093116337  IMG_20150709_093317024 IMG_20150709_093531998_HDR  IMG_20150709_093743095_HDR IMG_20150709_093842297 IMG_20150709_093949477 IMG_20150709_094016411  

This week  all the lettuce, salad mixes, greens and Horta are bursting with vitality. Because the sun is strong these photos don’t do the rich greens justice. Michael, Steve, Josh and Louise are picking away with warm backs now that it’s 9.00am.


All you lovely marmalade makers and would-be marmalade makers, get your big pans out, buy the sugar and come to Eveleigh or Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning for your Seville oranges! All ready to go.

Sevilles on the left, tangelos on the right..

2015-07-09 11.53.16 2015-07-09 11.53.41

The same range of citrus as last week, navels, pink grapefruit, mandarins, clementines, tangelos, meyer lemons, lemons  & lemonades.

There’ll only be a few pine mushrooms at Taylor Square as the season is nearly over. The weather has changed!

This week there’ll be celery which started last week but as it was picked Friday and I usually do the blog Thursday I forgot!

Have a happy & healthy week with warming food and keep up the vitamin & mineral rich foods!