Hello Everyone

Welcome rain this week as it had been getting too dry. Actually it got pretty wet early in the week so the ground got slippery and the tractor couldn’t pull the bed-former along safely so this week it had to be done by hand as we did before having the bed-former. Very hard physical work. Thank goodness Josh doesn’t baulk at that!

2015-08-26 09.45.09 2015-08-26 09.48.42 2015-08-26 09.54.09 2015-08-26 09.54.30 2015-08-26 09.55.10 

Photo on the left is before ploughing and then after. It is done very lightly so the soil isn’t compacted.

   2015-08-26 14.34.56  2015-08-26 14.34.26   

This Saturday at Carriage Works and Taylor Square markets in Sydney and Sunday in Mangrove Mountain Country Markets at Peats Ridge Primary School, Peats Ridge Road, you can see all the results of the great growing on the farm! The weather has been perfect for nutrient rich improved soils to grow nutrient rich greens!

I know I go on about it a lot but it does a great job for your overall health.

There is baby cos,  soft leaf lettuce, salad greens, mustard, red-rib spinach, baby spinach, spicy salad mix, horta edible weed mix (foraged by Josh).  Also Cavelo Nero, Scotch & Russian kale & Bok choi. Enough variety for a different meal every night of the week!

Peas are shooting fast, very much ready for tying up to trellis next week. Never a dull moment!          

2015-08-27 08.14.39 2015-08-27 08.23.39 2015-08-26 10.02.29

2015-08-26 10.02.522015-08-26 09.55.322015-08-26 10.02.23

And citrus! Blood oranges are in their last week or two. They taste as fantastic as they look. Also white or pink grapefruit, Semiole tangelos, navels, Emperor mandarins & Eureka lemons. There may be a few Meyer lemons but their season is just about over.

Ed has grown delicious shelling peas and snow peas. If you have children make sure you shell peas with them so they will know how they grow! Deep green broccolini from Bill is a must too.

2015-08-26 14.35.592015-08-26 14.36.35

Have a happy week.