On Tuesday 7th July 2009 we were very excited to receive confirmation of organic certification for our Mushroom Growing operation. This has been a huge challenge that has taken years! We are continually building up our expertise on growing organic mushrooms in a commercial quantity and gaining organic certification has been a priority for a couple of years now to enable us to add them to our list of certified organic produce that we provide to our customers.

We have at last accomplished the first step in our vision and even though our operation is still very small in comparison to large conventional mushroom growers we look forward to expanding production as soon as funds become available. Perhaps one day we will be able to make a bigger contribution to alleviate the huge short supply of certified organic mushrooms that has been experienced in Sydney in recent years.

There have been so many pitfalls and frustrating delays in all aspects of the process, it is great to at last have achieved the first step of our vision. Our farm on The Central Coast is only 78km’s from Sydney CBD so delivery of fresh picked organic mushrooms will be a delight for our customers to look forward to. We aim for our customers to be able to buy fresh locally produced certified organic mushrooms that were picked the day before their purchase so as to maximise the benefit to them of all the wonderful qualities organic mushrooms have to offer.

Jean and Alan MacLeod (Trading as Tuckerflora) work closely with Michael and supply the Eveliegh markets with delicious avacados and mushrooms.

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Certified A Grade Organic Registered Producer No 783 OGA


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email – macleod@idl.net.au