Hello Everyone

Plenty of lovely rich green baby spinach for you this week at Taylor Square and Eveleigh markets on Saturday. There are both rockets, less wild, so get in early so you don’t miss out.

IMG_20150611_083612649 IMG_20150611_083713845_HDR   IMG_20150611_084801835_HDR IMG_20150611_084912401_HDR

Come & get Mesclun  & spicy salad mixes along with the Horta  mix. This week the horta has plantain, clover, milk thistle, marsh mallow, soft & false leaf dandelion and plenty of vetch, and very nutrient rich.

IMG_20150611_082556794 IMG_20150611_082710574


There’s kale, both scotch & Tuscan. Broccolini is a delicate & delicious veg, full of good iron too, like most dark green leaves, also fennel for fabulous side salads at least.

Lovely citrus this week with Pink grapefruit from Fairymede,  a gorgeous red inside, also Silverhill seedless mandarins and Meyer lemons. Navels are at their best and there are clementines and limes.



Have you heard of Chioggia (target) beetroot? Come and look at it along with golden beetroot and ordinary beetroot. Great root vegies for winter weather, these are what your bodies need now in the cooler weather.




Heaps of pumpkins, Queensland blue for roasting, Butternut for pies & stews and Jap for soups, so try cooking them and see for yourself.

We have some French help again. Here are Marine, Louise and Clemence picking, barely over jet lag and on a sharp learning curve in farming English!

IMG_20150611_083757330 IMG_20150611_083837851 IMG_20150611_083856166

Have a healthy and happy week.