Hello Everyone

You know how extra lush it is apart from the green & wet by the squillions of rabbits bounding about, devastating the seedlings! These bean seedlings should have looked like the first one the next day but overnight this week they became stumps!


You go out to dinner at Mangrove Mountain Golf club so you can get to spend  time with your nearest & dearest and the boss goes off to discuss pumpkins with another farmer. Well!


This week there will be some great buys at the Eveleigh & Taylor Square markets on Saturday. Beautiful huge watermelon, purple eggplant, Lebanese cucumbers and Roma tomatoes from Bill. We have Scotch & Tuscan kale, round tomatoes and perfectly delicious cherry tomatoes. There’s juicy corn too.

IMG_20150205_091212699    IMG_20150129_125233101

 IMG_20150108_095015956IMG_20150115_095203589IMG_20150205_085150222 IMG_20150205_090045622


There’s plenty of lettuce although we are a bit low on salad mix bags as some varieties have turned up their toes at the kind of weather we’ve had! Get in early to get what there is. New seedlings are growing well but not big enough to pick yet.

IMG_20150205_084716135     IMG_20150205_085010503_HDR


The Horta mix has got a special new ingredient ripe & ready this week. It’s Pirilla and has a slight liquorice background flavour. Try it and see if you can identify it! Here’s Josh, this morning,  tasting it for the first time, working out what the background flavour is.

IMG_20150205_084301667 IMG_20150205_084329569 IMG_20150205_084545250_HDR IMG_20150205_084552032_HDR

Have a healthy eating week with good, fresh produce.