G’day everyone. 4 days without rain is what we have been promised, 2 down lets hope they don’t break their promise. We had local flooding in our area, not what anyone needs before christmas. Hope you all were ok.

First this week i know this is our second last week but for those who are going on away next week, we would like to thank all of you for coming and supporting the farmers at the markets this year, without you guys these markets would not work and there would be a bigger gap between the farmers, the produce, and your plate. We enjoy coming into town every week and selling our produce and educating the consumers on the who where and how it is grown. Special thanks to the market organisers, it takes a lot of work to get all together and make it work so thank you. Now the most important people, the readers of the blog, wow there are so many of you guys that come up and commented on the blog, i didn’t think anyone read it but Michael and Susie, but the more i blog the more people have been commenting about it, even one young lady (i wont mention your name Keely) who moved to japan and still reads it every week, so thanks, next year i will try and get the facebook page running with photos and more explanations on the day to day going ons on the farm.

This week there will be Santa Rosa plums are in, just, they might need a day or two to ripen but are as sweet as lollies to eat when they do.

We have more Spanish onions and lots of Roma tomatoes, and for your roasts we will have the only organic garlic, sage, thyme, rosemary and our olive oil. I think we should sell them in a pack for a special price, come and talk to me.

Hope to see you all tomorrow and if not next week have a good christmas and a safe and happy new year.