G’day everyone, well not including today we had 100mm of rain, too wet for anything, but the weather man said it’s clearing.

You will need to get in early if you want duck eggs as the ducks are molting and slow down laying, it is also last week or two of purple beans. Now for the good news, the first pick of passion fruit, water melon, and wait for it continental cucumbers that aren’t shrink wrapped,(OOOOH).

I don’t usually get into the political side of things on here but we read something in the Melbourne Farmers Markets’ newsletter that i would like to share with you to say thank you and we appreciate your support.

“A pinch and  a punch for the first of the month…that’s what Coles think anyway, ‘let’s beat up the farmers’, they’ve said  to themselves. ‘We’ve laid waste to the dairy  farmers already, we’re half job done with the free range egg people, let’s go  after the fruit and vege grower’.

And the sorry news is they can and they have; they wrote the  book on it.

The only things standing in their way are farmers markets and  people who realise price doesn’t equal value. Value is about flavour,  it’s about freshness, it’s about shelf life, it’s about variety and that funny old thing called ethics. We are a small voice in the cacophony, but they will  hear us!”