Gday everyone, how has your week been, we’ve been enjoying the sun this week as they say its not going to last for long. We did have a bit of an up and down week as we were ready to plant some new seedlings but the supplier couldn’t deliver till next week so a bit of catch up on the a little job like the endless weeding was done instead.

We do have some new produce and some that will be slowing down or not available this week.

We will start with the bad, cucumbers have almost been pulled out so they will slow down dramatically, but we have kept the gherkins, (which someone asked for last week) so their is plenty if you want them.

If you read the sydney morning herald you might have seen the recipe from Mickey Robertson making Sorrel soup, and being the only farmers that bring Sorrel to the growers market you will have to come and see us to get it.

Can anyone tell me what a Feijoa is. Most people from across the ditch (a kiwi) will know. Ours have just come in and can i say they are beauties. The flavour is aromatic, and i can only explain as a blended mix of an inviting comparison with guava, strawberry, pineapple, and often containing a faint wintergreen-like aftertaste. I stole that off the wikipedia but is the best way of saying it.

So if you need any more reasons to come and see us tomorrow than all i can say is ill be there, but seriously come and say gday and buy the freshest most local produce at the best 2 markets tomorrow.