G’day everyone, I hope this blog works as I am using a iPad app and not sure how this works. Well I don’t think I need to tell you how wet it was this week. So wet I took a day off and had to tow cars out of flooded roads. We also had all our seedling suppliers turn up on Wednesday so we have a lot of plants and ground that is too wet to work. It’s a farmers life.

We have some new produce this week, pink grape fruit, the same fruit that last year anybody who had them said they were the best ever.
Talking about the best ever we have our rhubarb back. Just as the cold wet weather set in a nice rhubarb crumble after a pumpkin soup. I thought I’d throw the pumpkin in as we have some really nice ones.
We also have jumbo eggs, most should be double yokers,
Come and see us tomorrow as it will be a nice cool day and stock up on the winter veggies. See you at the markets.