G’day everyone, how’s your week been. Having a public holiday in the middle of the week is a great idea, I hope everyone took some time out of the day to remember those who have fought for and still are fighting under our flag.
If you have liked our Facebook page then you would have seen that we got 6000 seedlings in on Tuesday afternoon being the only chance we got this week and should hopefully put us almost back on track, but we still have that much and more on racks waiting to go in.
This week we our silverhill mandarins have started, while they are a little bit sharp they are still very nice and will only get sweeter.
Tomorrow at Taylor sq our a Adrienne Carlson will be doing a tasting of her marmalades and cordial, from about 9:30. So you will have to come in for that.
I have a app now that I can resize pictures and put them on the blog, and as soon as I’m shown how to use it, hoping tomorrow, I will be able to put pictures up here from time to time, pretty flash. Anyway hope to see you at the markets tomorrow as it is going to be a beautiful day.