G’day everyone. It’s been a very busy week again so I’m writing or typing this on Thursday.

This week we’ll have nothing new again so this week I am going to do some sprucking, some of our produce that often get good wraps by you or other customers I thought I might let you know.
The pink grapefruit and Clementines have be said to be the best they have ever had.
Ed’s Eggs, well I don’t think anyone can get fresher or better tasting eggs in Sydney. Ed has had laying hens for longer then most and has handed the knowledge down to his daughters and have the best tasting eggs that at the time of typing this haven’t been laid yet.
Orange juice, weather your a regular juice drinker or a very dry all night partier the juice comes as a very welcome relief with the usual OMG response from first timers this is the freshest juice in Sydney, and you could make the juice when ever you want just buy our oranges.
I know it’s not summer and therefore not salad weather but even I eat salad sandwiches for lunch or cook some Horta into your pasta,(also the only farm selling Horta), and the spinach and rocket are always earlier sellers.
The zucchini and cucumbers numbers are getting low but still as delicious as ever, and the tomatoes are so so nice.

That’s enough of my noise, but if there is something you really like or even something you don’t, let us know. Hope to see you all at the markets.