G’day everyone, how was your week, really nice up here except for the chilli starts, had 2 frosts the last 2 days with this morning a fresh 1 degree.

We will have some shelling peas this week, not many I’m afraid but hopefully more coming. They are super sweet and a good exercise to relax and clear your mind shelling the peas in the evening, like your grandma used to. Which reminds me of a saying I heard this week, buy organic veggies or as your grandparents called them veggies, some of us it might have been great grandparents but the meaning is the same.
Our leb cucumbers are in such small numbers that they will only be at one market thus week, and no zucchini or the silver hill mandarines but we have lots of clementines to make up for them and aprox 2.25kg of mushrooms at each market. At least the greens are coming up beautifully.

That’s it for me today, I’m going to make the most of this early Finnish from work and go to bed. I’ll see you at the markets.