G’day everyone hope your all sill here and not been blown away. Today was one of those days where I did not hit my stride, struggled do get motivation and as an effect I did not Finnish till 6:30. We did manage to avoid the huge amounts of rain on the farm but got a lot of wind, it actually started raining 9kms down the road as I was on my way home.

We have stared picking our blood oranges this week, be quick to get them as they never last long,
Broccolini has started but only just so I imagine they won’t last long either.
The bergamot oranges were a bit of a hit last week so we are brining more down, these little beauties are full of polyphenols which are supper good and there is a list as long as your arm with the health issues it can help.
We also have plenty of mushies this week so come and get the only certified organic mushies at the markets.

Hope to see everyone at the market tomorrow, as we will be there rain, wind and all.