G’day everyone, how was your week? It’s dryzabone here, we have been using over head sprinklers to dampen the ground just to plough up, and the wind isn’t helping keep the moisture in the ground.

Nothing new this week but it is the last week for the mandarines.
The beetroots are looking glamour this week, as is all the greens, which reminds me of something I noticed the last few weeks but was quite evident this week, at the wholesalers in fleminton the bunched greens are looking pathetic, it’s really shows the difference between locally sourced produce and interstate, as the bunched greens coming from farms in Victoria and Queensland are obviously struggling to grow but since they are major suppliers of other produce they can send in whatever crap they want. It will really pay to look where your food is coming from and learn what’s in season in different areas.
I would hope that all who read this blog would not know what other produce is like else where because you all come and get it from us at the markets.

That’s just about it from me today, maybe just a quick plug for the a Facebook page from nsw farmers association, and if you are not on Facebook then look up their web site as it has a lot of interesting information on relevant issues involving farming in nsw.