G’day everyone, this has been probably the best week for farming, we had good rain and it all fell at night, which has allowed us to get more work done. The produce is looking the best it has all year and is in plenty.

A few people have been asking about broad beans, and I’m glad to say this week with the rain they have finally come good and produced some delishes looking beans.

Like I said before this weeks weather has made all the greens second to none, with plenty of bunched spinach and rocket as well as the bagged greens, we have 4 different types of kale and the silver beet is in plenty.

The winter citrus is almost finished with the bergamot oranges and clemintines will be ending soon as the emperor mandarines have done already, don’t worry as we have ellendale mandarines and we have even juiced some.

I think that is it tonight, oh I nearly forgot, Adrienne Carlson will be at Taylor Sq doing some tasting of her beautiful cordials and marmalade. See you at the markets.