G’day everyone, how was your week? It’s been pretty busy this week for us, we have been getting more plants in the ground for next year.

This is the last week for Wilson plums, don’t get too worried though next week we will have Santa Rosa plums.
Tomatoes and Purple King beans are looking glamourous this week and in plenty. Unfortunately there are no mushrooms this week, and the leeks have all but gone as have the stone fruit I was getting from my neighbour.
The summer has well and truly bestowed Us and the Horta mixes have changed with the season. They now have the summer weeds in them and next week I will have a recipe for them. Just waiting for the email so copy it over.

The weather is supposed to be perfect for the markets tomorrow so I hope to see you all there. We have 3 markets to go for this year so if you want a special order for Christmas or anything you would like that we grow, let us know and we can see if we can organize it.