G’day everyone. How good was this week. Great weather the beans and tomatoes plants have made a move for the sky this week. talking about hot weather a summer salad would be in order and at Taylor Square this week we have some very special eggs, a new batch have come in and we have some Salad Eggs, thats right these eggs are the perfect size to boil and put in to a summer salad. The chickens will grow though so they wont be this size for long.

There is no other new produce this week but some of the produce is looking and tasting soooo good, the herbs are plentiful, salads and greens are super the fat hen is making a comeback in small numbers but the chickweed is going, Sorry Bentley restaurant.

Also if anyone else was interested in the puppy’s there are still more that need a good home so come and see us at the stands to find out more.

With all the complements we had with the mandarin juice we have continued to make some this week, so if your hot and want a refreshing drink (if i haven’t drank it all) be sure to get one tomorrow, see you there.