Hey guys, Katie here! You might know me from the stall at Eveleigh Markets. I’ve been working with Michael at various markets for years now—even before the very first one at Carriageworks!

Here’s a little update on what we will and wont have at the markets tomorrow and why/not:

It’s been a rainy week up at Mangrove Mountain. A rainy month, really! Michael has measured 568mL of rain in the past thirty days, which for those of you who aren’t sure (like me) is a lot. This means that some of the stuff we grow has become sad and soggy, but luckily not all of it.

We don’t have any Roma tomatoes this week, which will upset many of you, I know; however, we do have some fabulous plump grosse lisse tomatoes as well as black Russians (my fave) and some egg tomatoes great for cooking. Could be time to make some roasted tomato soup!

The beans are a plenty. We have purple, roman and round varieties all of which are really delicious lightly steamed, slathered in butter and sprinkled with vinegar. A new (but old) twist on the classic garlic and olive oil combo that I picked up from one of our regulars. It works well with pretty much any green vegetable.

Our eggplant and Lebanese cucumbers are also looking great 🙂

See you tomorrow!