G’day everyone. How are we this week. First i would like to appologiseĀ  for not writing a blog last week, i was on holidays and didn’t get a chance to do one as i had planed.

First off the ranks, no grape fruit, blood oranges, they have finished. A lot of people have been asking about basil, we have just planted our first plants so it wont be long.

If you read the herald you would have seen the article on nettles. If not we will have a copy at the markets, it has a couple of interesting recipes in it.

We also have our mushrooms back. that’s right the only certified organic mushrooms at the markets, we love these little beauties and i haven’t met a person how would disagree yet.

Do you remember Jess the kelpie that became Taylor Sq market pet, well she’s been on maternity leave for the last 5 months but she will be back this week with her little pups that will be for sale. 7 pups 4 male 3 female. come and see either Michael or myself for more details or call me on 0434 300 967.

I’m looking forward to seeing you this saturday.